Thursday, 5 July 2012

The power of a WOMAN

From the creative home of MTX in Barcelona, Mertxe showcased the work from the talented Laura Salvador last night – an artist whose collection named "Las Venus" brings us a modern twist on our on-going fascination with the female mind and body. All her work involves concepts that link metaphors of the human body to its place in society.

Fueled by Catalan beer and good vibes, guests admired Laura’s creative visions scattered across the walls. When asked for one word to describe the artwork, guests expressed that Laura’s work was “sensual”, “organic”, “tangled” and “erotic”. Clearly the subject matter was conveyed in such a way that you could not help conjuring images of the female form in all its glory.

One guest in particular expressed her appreciation for “a modern age revision of traditional themes” and believed that the artwork brought about a “natural connection” between the art and its audience. 

However for some of the male guests, viewing Laura’s work was a puzzling experience. When asked his opinion of a giant inverted triangle, which historically has been worshiped as a symbol of the goddess’ vulva, he relied with “it reminds me of the Bermuda triangle”. Maybe some parts of a woman will forever remain a mystery even when faced with it in art form….

Also be sure to check for updates for the next artist Mertxe showcases in store!

Tuesday, 19 June 2012

Still creating a stir.......

Once in a while, a piece of fashion will catch your eye, and if it’s something really special, it might reach the eyes of the fashion hungry critics around the world….

Mertxe Hernàndez’s signature collar demands attention - and rightly so. It caught the eyes of the New York Times, Vogue and Lo Magazine to name but a few, and continues to be a popular buy for Mertxe’s clients. Interweaving strips of wool, lace and nylon dangle elegantly from a silken collar that will highlight and elongate any neckline. Try it over a top to add some sexy detail, or worn alone if you’re feeling particularly adventurous!


She has a range of designs available, with black being the key colour, it means it is very versatile. You are guaranteed to stand out from the usual crowd with this handmade slice of bohemian fashion, straight from the sensual heart of Barcelona!

Come down to the shop to browse the collection, or buy online today! Just follow the links below. While you’re online check out Mertxe’s Spring/Summer collection for other exciting new designs.

Shop on line:

M  T X Mertxe Hernàndez 
C/Rec 32 Barcelona 08003
Ph: +34 933 194 344 

Friday, 27 January 2012

Karit Smidt

                      Karit Smidt is from Holland ans she studies textile marketing and management

Friday, 14 October 2011

El Bosque Encantado. Autumn-Winter Collection 2011-2012

El Bosque Encantado. Autumn-Winter Collection 2011-2012
M  T X Mertxe Hernàndez.

Photo: Carlos ParejaRomera
Model: Minela Min
Hair & Make up: Arantzazu Holgado

Wednesday, 5 October 2011

Leonardo Flores

Improvised patterns
Drawings and illustrations by Leonardo E. Flores

A drawing is an image. A story is an image, a word is an image, a letter is an image. Image is a register: Memory. And perception is life: Now.
I am a living organism that perceives life (nutrients), I generate internal images which are a map of that perceived. A register. Each belief, conclusion, register or pattern (image) becomes a residue of the living process of perception. What stays, what remains. Therefore these images need to be put onto paper to avoid being transformed into residue and dying inside me. This way the registers become alive, the patterns are liberated.
Both in drawing and illustration, my work manifests itself through a dialogue between the tension to compose and the relaxation of improvising. Improvising is essential for it is the path through which technique, which is dead, makes itself available to the moment, which is alive. What inspires me: the mountains, the sun, people, trees, animals.       
Born in Buenos Aires in 1974, Leonardo Flores is active in the field of the drawing, publishing illustration and conceptual art for cinema and TV.
After having published graphical humor columns and being employed for 5 years as a cartoon Art Director in Buenos Aires, Argentina, in 2000 he decided to move to Barcelona, Spain. His illustrations are published in numerous Catalan publications such as the SÀPIENS and JAÇ magazines together with the newspaper La Vanguardia.
He has designed hundreds of book covers for publishing houses such as Ediciones B, Planeta, Minotauro, Timun Mas, Suma de Letras and Ikusager.
He is the scriptwriter of the column "Animalades" of the Tretze Vents magazine in collaboration with the illustrator Rebeca Luciani.
He currently teaches drawing, illustration and creativity in his studio in the Raval neighborhood of Barcelona, and combines it with excursions to the mountains & forests in order to dig deeper into the process of creative disentanglement through energy self-disentanglement. According to his experience, contact with the natural world plays an important role in bringing about an internal state of emptiness or silence that encourages the spontaneous appearance of ideas and feeling of an intimate and truthful quality, whilst being more humane, interactive and universal.

"Patrones Improvisados"
Dibujos e ilustraciones de Leonardo E. Flores

Un dibujo es una imagen.  Una historia es una imagen, una palabra es una imagen, una letra es una imagen. La imagen es registro: memoria. Y la percepción es vida: ahora. 

Como ser vivo que percibo vida (alimento), genero imágenes internas que son un mapa de lo percibido. Un registro.  Cada creencia, conclusión, registro o patrón (imagen), son entonces residuos del proceso vivo de percepción.  Lo que sobra. Lo que queda. 
Y entonces estas imágenes deben salir al papel, para no transformarse en residuos y así morir dentro mío.  De esa manera los registros se hacen vivos, los patrones se liberan.
Tanto en dibujo como en ilustración, mi obra surge del diálogo entre la tensión de componer y la relajación de improvisar.  La improvisación es clave ya que a través de ella, la técnica, que está muerta, se pone a disposición del momento, que está vivo.
Lo que me inspira: la montaña, el sol, las personas, el árbol, los animales.

Nacido en Buenos Aires en 1974, Leonardo E. Flores desarrolla su actividad en los ámbitos del dibujo, la ilustración editorial y el arte conceptual para cine y TV. 
Luego de publicar tiras de humor gráfico y trabajar como director de arte de dibujos animados en Buenos Aires, decide establecerse en Barcelona en el año 2000.  Sus ilustraciones son publicadas en diversos medios catalanes como la revista SÀPIENS, la revista JAÇ, y el periódico La Vanguardia. 
Ha realizado cientos de portadas para libros, para editoriales como Ediciones B, Planeta,
Minotauro, Timun Mas, Suma de Letras e Ikusager.  En la revista Tretze Vents es guionista
de la tira "Animalades", junto a la ilustradora Rebeca Luciani.  
Actualmente da clases de dibujo, ilustración y creatividad en su estudio del Raval, las cuales combina con excursiones a bosques y montañas, propuesta que tiene el objetivo de profundizar en el proceso de desbloqueo de la creatividad a partir del auto-desbloqueo energético.  Según su experiencia, el contacto con la naturaleza tiene un rol importante en el acercamiento a un estado interno de vacío o silencio, que propicia la aparición espontánea de ideas y sentimientos de una calidad íntima y sincera, pero al mismo tiempo más humana, relacional y universal.